Isobel's Story


Isobel was born at 29 weeks gestation in 2022, weighing in at only 1,295g and measuring just 36cm in length. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment donated by Running for Premature Babies, including a humidicrib and a special neonatal ventilator, Isobel not only survived but thrived.


Isobel is the daughter of Raiz Invest Managing Director and Group CEO, Brendan Malone, and his wife, Belinda.


Running for Premature Babies is a charity close to the hearts of the Raiz Invest team, due to Isobel's challenging premature birth.

The charity raises funds for life-saving neonatal equipment for hospitals in need Australia-wide, ensuring that sick and premature babies, wherever they are born, will have access to the neonatal equipment needed to save their lives.

Running for Premature Babies has raised over $7 million since 2006 and has provided over 135 pieces of life-saving equipment to hospitals in every State and Territory of Australia.

The Malone family know how lucky they are that this included the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, where Isobel was cared for. They also know that not everyone is as lucky, and with 26,000 babies born sick or premature each year in Australia, our hospitals, including in some in very remote regions, need our help.

You can get involved and run to save a baby's life in an event around Australia or join our Raiz Invest team in the City2Surf on 11 August in Sydney.

Run to save a baby's life in an event around Australia. Or join our RAIZ team in the City2Surf on 11 August in Sydney.


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